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Jon Lanzaro-Fisher

Democrat for PA-08

Northeastern Pennsylvanian voters are consistently a major deciding factor in Presidential and Congressional elections but are left behind when it comes to growth, jobs, and investments. It is time to have leadership that works to move NEPA forward. 

About Jon

Jon Lanzaro-Fisher is a former employee of the Intelligence Community, a Ph.D. student, and a long-term advocate for Northeast Pennsylvania. As a graduate of a local, public high school and additional higher education locally, Jon has had a full picture of the needs of our community now and in the long term.

As a native to the area, Jon returned after pursuing further education and a career in Washington D.C., which gave him exposure to the inefficiencies of the Government and the inability of current leadership to create a comprehensive, long-term strategy that wins for everyday Americans.

Jon is running for United States Congress as a Democrat because he believes our area deserves better. In the long-term, our country should be investing in the next generation of jobs; improving healthcare and human rights within our borders; and should be working to create a more just society for not only us, but for the next generation.

Jon Lanzaro-Fisher, Democrat For United States Congress

Vision – Issues – Values

Our country is facing so many pressing issues that, if not addressed now, will continue to hurt everyday Americans for decades to come. Politicians in Washington have been there for decades and repeatedly failed to address the needs of Americans regarding jobs, education, healthcare, and many more issues. To address this, we need to support legislation that brings the next generation of jobs to the United States; greatly improve our education system from pre-k to higher education; and we need a complete overhaul of our healthcare system as costs continue to skyrocket across our country. Every American should have access to a well-paying job, a good education, and affordable healthcare.

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