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Meet Jon

Jon Lanzaro-Fisher first grew up in Taylor, Pennsylvania before moving to Moscow in the third grade. He was educated locally at a public high school, North Pocono, and moved to Chester, Pennsylvania for his first year of college, which is still ranked as one of the “Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.” Through this first year of education, Jon was able to see the inequities within education, public health and safety; and lack of support many Pennsylvanians feel.

Jon Lanzaro-Fisher For United States Congress

A Strong History

After a year in Chester, Jon returned to Marywood University and completed his bachelor’s degree in Finance. Throughout his time at Marywood, Jon had the opportunity to intern at a local think-tank, focused on the issues affecting our district such as unemployment, wage stagnation, and the local impact of educational institutions. He also had the opportunity to intern at a mid-sized bank based in the Lehigh Valley, which provided insight into the needs of small businesses in a similar geographical area to our district.


Jon Lanzaro-Fisher For United States Congress
Jon Lanzaro-Fisher For United States Congress
After completing his degree at Marywood, Jon moved to Washington, D.C. to start a career at the National Security Agency and to start school towards his master’s in Analytics from American University. Through this role, Jon was able to continue to fulfill his desire to serve his country while supporting work that helped our troops and country around the globe. Throughout his tenure in the Intelligence Community, Jon was able to see the good that the United States can do in the world, but he was also able to see the inefficiencies of Government and the misapplied use of valuable resources. Jon recently returned home to Northeast Pennsylvania to continue his education at Marywood University towards a Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership and Administrative Studies.

At just 25 years old, Jon, along with so many people his age, has witnessed an environment in which the Government has failed to invest in the future of the next generation. After extensive work and educational experience that focuses on the needs of Americans both locally and globally, Jon has realized that our leaders are constantly fighting over how we can continue to do what we have been doing for the past 30 years, but in a more expensive and wasteful way instead of focusing on the pressing issues of the future.

About Jon Lanzaro-Fisher | Jon Lanzaro-Fisher For United States Congress
Jon Lanzaro-Fisher For Congress

Jon decided to run for Congress as he has seen that local leadership has been unwilling to fight for growth and investments in our area and our country that focus on long-term, high-quality jobs. The next generation of jobs and our nation’s future rest on investment in education, green energy, and healthcare which Jon is willing to fight for Northeast Pennsylvania values in Washington for issues that matter here at home.

Jon Lanzaro-Fisher for United States Congress


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